Nature Education

In this programme, participants will learn about values and respects on nature and wildlife through the outdoor educational games.

Forest Education

Participants will learn the life and wildlife in the jungle or forest and be taught on how to appreciate and keep them.

River Expedition

The activities held in this programme include 'river trail' to watch the diversed mini beasts and other wildlife species like grasshoppers, butterflies, frogs, fish, etc.

Young Farmers

They can also do trekking on the local plantations while enjoying the fresh air and natural village views as well as interact with the local farmers.

Bird Watching

Guided by P-WEC facilitators, participants can have 'nature trail' to watch various tropical rain forest birds in R. Soerjo botanical park.

Green Art

Participants will learn how to differentiate litter and recycle them into eco-friendly works of art.

Nature Detective

In this programme, participants will be taken to learn the nature more in the detective game.

Fun Outbound

The fun outbound in P-WEC is designed not only to increase teamwork capacity but also to give recreational games.

Outbound for Kids

P-WEC serves outbound for kids which prioritizes comfort and safety. By joining the program, participants can also learn about nature conservation, rural life, and eco-friendly activities for children like: recycling, agriculture, tree and bird watching, and many more.

High Rope Games and Adventures

The facilities of P-WEC's High Rope Games and Adventures prioiritize safety and comfort which equipment like helmets, carabiners, and ropes; have been internationally standardized. There are more than 15 high rope games and adventures in P-WEC, one of the most favorite ones is the Flying Fox.

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