Focused and Productive Meeting in P-WEC

Focused and Productive Meeting in P-WEC

Regularly, at least once a year, a company or an institution will hold internal meetings. Holding meeting at their offices must be usual. Having a meeting out of office can be recreational for the participants and hopefully can trigger productivity.

Besides as an education center, Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) also provides meeting packages for your companies and institutions. Located in a village by the foothills of Kawi Mountain, the meeting facilities in P-WEC will be suitable for a meeting which require quieter situation than in a busy and crowded city. The natural situation is hoped to give positive atmosphere to the participants so that they can be more focused and productive in the meeting.

There are two meeting facilities in P-WEC: "Kijang" (Barking Deer) Hall and "Kancil" (Mouse Deer) Hall accommodating 150 and 70 people respectively. In the "Kijang" hall, the facilities include chairs, desks, whiteboard, inside bathrooms, and a projector (upon request). The "Kancil" hall is designed for informal meeting where participants sit on the provided rugs with outside bathroom. The "Primata" (Primate) cafe is also suitable for semi outdoor meeting.

P-WEC can accommodate meeting participants with food that is served at the cafeteria and the sleeping facilities. "Primata" (Primate) Cafe is located in the east side of P-WEC center offering healthy Javanese food and beverage. All food is prepared using natural and eco-friendly ingredients without preservative and additive substance. The special menu include the traditional cakes that are rarely seen in the cities and fried using coconut oil, instead of palm oil. The special drink is the Javanese coffee which is made of 100% pure and organic coffee beans.

The sleeping facilities consist of dormitories, bed rooms, guest houses, and exclusive camping sites accommodating 170 people. There are three dormitories (residential halls) called "Lutung" (the Javan Langur), "Orangutan", and "Siamang". Each dormitory consists of 128 beds complemented with a blanket, a pillow, and a locker for each bed. The bathrooms in the dormitories and bed rooms are outside and typical Indonesian bathrooms with a tank and a scoop. The bathrooms in the guest house are inside with shower. All toilets are squatting ones.

The lodging (sleeping) facilities are designed with "back to nature" concept. Surrounded by the natural condition, there will be no television and air conditioner in the rooms. The natural entertainment from the singing birds and free wildlife living at the trees in P-WEC as well as the fresh air will give comfortable situation for participants who want focused and productive meeting.

If you look for natural venue to hold your internal meeting or family gathering, please come to P-WEC.

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