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Indonesia is inhabited by so many species of flora and fauna that it is well-known for its mega bio-diversity. Indonesia is the third country after Brazil and Zaire who have the most bio-diversity in the world. Indonesia has 515 species of mammals (second on the world mammal list behind Brazil), 1,539 species of birds (fifth largest). Indonesia also ranks behind only Brazil and possibly Columbia in freshwater fish diversity, with about 1,400 species. Some species were only discovered in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, only few people know about thise wonderful facts of Indonesia. Even Indonesian youths do not know these. They lack of Indonesian nature and wildlife knowledge. That is why a wildlife education centre like P-WEC is needed.

Alternative and Informal Education Programmes

Alternative and Informal Education ProgrammesPetungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) introduces and encourages the youth to love the nature and wildlife through games, adventures, and recreations. The activities are held outdoors to create fun activities for youths.

P-WEC educations programmes are intended not only to provide knowledge for the youths and public, but also to refresh their minds after five days of school or work as P-WEC offers natural environment with many singing birds around.

What are the education programmes in P-WEC?

What are the education programmes in P-WEC?Everything you want to know about nature and wildlife conservation is provided by P-WEC. From the introduction of forest and river ecosystems, wild bird and insect watching, to vegetation analysis are available in P-WEC. Participants can choose any programme they want and P-WEC team will conduct it.

P-WEC also offers one to three-day programmes which give you thorough nature education. It is much cheaper and give you much more knowledge.

To support student's academic achievement and encourage wildlife appreciation

To support student's academic achievement and encourage wildlife appreciationP-WEC's nature and widlife conservation education programmes will help students from high school and university to learn more about biology in fun learning activities which are delivered though adventures and games.

By practicing out the theories what students have learned in school or universiy, they will more comprehend the lessons rather than study textbook. Moreover, the youths are encouraged to better appreciate the nature and God's creatures that they will eventually share love to other people.

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