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P-WEC Appointed as Adiwiyata Reviewer

The project manager of Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), Qodirul Aini, has been elected a a member of reviewer team of Adiwiyata Award in Batu, East Java. Initiated in 2006, the award is a program of the Ministry of Environment to encourage schools to be more concerned to their environment

Workshop on Drawing with Natural Paints

Workshop Menggambar dengan Pewarna AlamiMore than 50 people, from kids to senior teachers, were so engrossed in drawing various pictures at Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) on Sunday (29/9/2013). And guess what, they did not use oil paint or watercolor as, but they used natural paints made from different kinds of plants! They got the red from the leaves of Jati (Teak tree) or the fruit of Genjret (a kind of shrubs).

Students from Japan Learned Indonesian Culture and Nature at P-WEC

More than 20 university students from the University of Hiroshima, Japan, visited Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) to learn about Indonesian culture and nature 

Turning Wastes into Artworks

Kitchen wastes, such as food scraps and vegetable leftovers, are usually just get thrown away to the bins. Who knows that those wastes can turn into beautiful and unique handicrafts? It was revealed on a workshop about how to make compost art at Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) with Ms. Kristien Yuliarti, last Sunday (2/6/2013).

SMP Kuala Kencana Timika Papua Outing in P-WEC

For a week, 85 students of a junior high school from Timika, Papua, named SMP YPJ Kuala Kencana, followed an outing organized by Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC).

Having Fun Learning About River Pollution

20 students of a Junior High School in Malang named SMP Permata Jingga Global School learned about nature in Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) between 28th February 2013 and 1st March 2013. They learned about river pollution and watched nocturnal insects.

Service Learning by Ma Chung University

The Student executive board of Ma Chung University of Malang could play as a role model for other university student boards. In the beginning of the year, the group held training for student facilitators for the community development program.

Lutung Kasarung in SDN Bedalisodo 1 Malang

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) just held the mobile library visiting remote village elementary schools nearby the center. Last Wednesday, 13 February 2013, the mobile library team visited an elementary school named SDN Bedalisodo 1 in Malang Regency.

Finally Set Up, Environmental Education Teacher Forum in Malang City

Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) recently initiated the setting up of a network for environmental education teacher in Malang City - East Java on 6 October 2012.

Organic Gardening and Green Education with SMAN 4 Malang

Dozens of youths were excited to dig small holes on the ground using the a slice of a bamboo which one end tapered.


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